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Charleston Metro Chamber Announces Diversity Leader Certificate Graduates

We are so excited to announce the graduates of the the Diversity Leaders Certificate Program! This program equipped business leaders with the necessary tools and resources to thrive in the diversity, equity and inclusion space.

We look forward to seeing the participants lead as equity-centered leaders and make incredible impacts on our community.

Adina GrossCharleston County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Margie GambleCharleston County Human Resources Department
Natasha LeeFloyd Lee Locums
Wardell RichardsonCharleston County Human Resources Department
Wesley FletcherCharleston County Sherriff's Office
Jeremy CoburnCharleston County Board of Elections
Clare PetersenCharleston County Government
Brian WilliamsCharleston County Human Resources Department
Nicole BrownCharleston County Coroner’s Office
Anthony MooreCharleston County Government
Mike JulazadehCharleston County Fire Department
David GriffinCharleston County Fire Department
Julie HusseyCivic Communications, LLC
Mary BarrineauSpherion Staffing
Paula RichnafskySouth Carolina Federal Credit Union
Anna BurgessAvocet Hospitality Group
Sydney ThomasWe are Sharing Hope SC
Elizabeth AshleyAlign
Joey CurrentTrident United Way
Jasmine TiradoBelimed Inc.
Zoe Melease WatkinsSouth Carolina Federal Credit Union
Posted on
August 16th 2022
Written by
Jaimee Salone